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On Saturday April 7th 2018 Marina left the earthly dimensions. In silence she remains connected alive forever with everybody.


Bach J.S. Concerto A major  
Bach J.S. Concerto F minor  
Bach J.S. Concerto C minor 2 pianos / harpsichord
Bach J.S. Brandenburg concerto nr. 5 violin, flute and harpsichord
Bach C.Ph.E. Concerto harpsichord and piano
Beethoven Concerto nr. 1 Op. 15 C major  
Beethoven Concerto nr. 3  
Beethoven Concerto nr. 4 Op. 56 G major  
Beethoven Triple Concerto violin, cello and piano
Bohnke Concerto  
Chopin Concerto Op. 21 F minor  
Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue  
Grieg Concerto Op. 16 A minor  
Hess Ernst Concertino Op. 48 flute, violin, piano
Honegger Concertino  
Lebič Lojze
Sentence 2 pianos
Maksimović Rajko Concerto  
Martin Frank Petite symphonie concertante harp, harpsichord, piano
Mendelssohn Concerto Op. 25 G minor  
Mendelssohn Double Concerto. E major 2 pianos
Mendelssohn Double Concerto D minor violin and piano
Messiaen Réveil des Oiseaux  
Mozart Concerto Es major K 365 2 pianos
Mozart Concerto D minor K 466  
Mozart Concerto C minor K 491  
Mozart Kammeronzert A major K 414  
Mozart Kammeronzert C major K  415  
Mozart Kammeronzert Es major K 449  
Papandopulo Boris Concerto  
Ravel Concerto en sol  
Saint-Saens Carneval des Animaux 2 pianos
Schumann Concerto Op. 54 A minor  
Škerjanc Concerto  
Škerjanc Concertino  
Turina Rhapsodia sinfonica  
Wagenseil Concerto harpsichord