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On Saturday April 7th 2018 Marina left the earthly dimensions. In silence she remains connected alive forever with everybody.

pedagogical activities

For Marina teaching activity is as important as performing  and she is enthousiastically dedicated to it. A vast number of music students and professional musicians have one way or another been nourished by her knowledge, among them successful concert artists, composers, pedagogues ... with equal élan she devotes herself to children, having tauvght at music schools and privately in the Netherlands, England, Germany and Slovenia.


She held master classes and workshops in Belgium, Switzerland,  England, Slovenia, Italy,  Germany and, Sweden, Norway and Croatia.


In Liege (Belgium, 1988-1990) and Zagreb (Croatia, 1993-1995) she was in chrage of permanent groups of graduate and post-graduate students of various academies, conservatoires and colleges.


Since 2003 she is professor at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana.


She describes her specific approach, which strives towards the blossoming of natural creativity within the pupils, in her own words:


"I search together with the pupil for ways to reach integration between self and music. It is important for the pupil to get in touch with his own energy through awareness of breath and movement, to develop a sense of body elasticity and relaxation, nad in this way develops his sense of sound. With mime (expresssive dance) and sponatenous  improvisation we gain access to deeper layers of imagination and create a basis for our individual understanding of  the meaning in music via own life experiences, thus allowing us to develop a free and full  expression. Sensible connections between our own need for personal expression and a live correlation to the inherent musical structures help us develop our potential and makes us sensitive for  the intrinsic message of the music."


Valentina, a young pianist from Novi Sad, who now teaches at the Msuic School in Koper, describes how she experienced Marina's workshop:


"What touched me particularly in your way of working is that - regardless what direction the path takes on which you wish to guide the pupil - is the contents that you are opening up for him, at all times his own personal contents, born out of personal experieneces, inner feelings, images, and is never imposed from outside. And so the foundation, which is "embraced" by the pupil, alsways his own experience - close to him, clear and understandable, and therefore effective. To guide with clear steps the pupil-equal partner in dialogue, to deepen his outlook and to elucidate his thoughts, and with all that not to be forceful in wanting to realize one's own ideas, but only educate and to unravel all the knots, to unlock  what is complicated - all this seems to me a great gift that you have."


A living proof of the yuality of her pedagoigical work are numerous statemnts by former pupils - concert artists, pedagogues, composers etc., the world over from Australia to Canada.