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On Saturday April 7th 2018 Marina left the earthly dimensions. In silence she remains connected alive forever with everybody.

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Marina Horak is not just a musician in the general sense of the word. She communicates with her listeners by means of the categories philosophy and aesthetics, which represent fundamental laws for all the arts. For her the piano and each individual score are just aspects through which she enters this complex material in order to concreticize it within the consciousness for the educated listener.
When you listen to Marina Horak you do not even notice the barrier of the instrument or any difficulty of the performing art. You enter straight into the silent dialogue with her, wherein she is the teacher and you – the pupil!
Dragomir Nenov, conductor and composer, Dobrich, Bulgaria, September 2010


Working with Marina Horak was an invaluable experience. Her very individual unique approach to music and her rare ability to connect the whole self results in an extraordinary personal expression.  She is a true pedagogue, dedicated to teaching and helping the individual artist develop their unique sense of identity and personality. I believe any musician would greatly benefit from her guidance.

Vivian Choi, pianist (New York), First Prize and nominee for Grand Prix at the Competition »Hopes, Talents, Masters, Dobrich-Albena, Bulgaria, september 2008


It is so happy to meet you in Hong K ong and especially to have listened to your fantastic concert. And thank you very much for your teaching in the masterclass. When I listen to you play, I really hope that the music I am making can be as convincing as yours is, one day. You are always so sure about what you want to tell in the music.

Peggy Sung, piano student Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, February 2011

I had the opportunity to follow Marina Horak's work at several of her workshops The Hidden Potential in Porec and to discuss with her some subtle aspects of psychological blockages in gifted young musicians, which she succeeded in overcoming together with them. I observed the development of some of her students. In her pedagogical and creative work she showed great interest and knowledge in the field of psychology of creativity. As a pedagogue with a sharpened sense for each individual artist she excels in her work with superior knowledge and a refined feeling, as well as an ethical attitude. Her special qualities are insightfulness, responsibility, commitment and sensitivity towards the students. 

Assist. Mag. Marjeta Blinc Pesek, MD, specialist-psychiatrist, Ljubljana, March 2011

Comments on the video DIscovering the Hidden Potential (Studio 12), November/December 2010

This is wonderful. Such a marvelous and unique teaching. Thank you so much for sharing.

Maida Čurtović, specialist natural medicine and healer (Croatia-USA)

I always learn something new from you. I'm proud and blessed to be your colleague and friend.

Renata Bauer, organist, Prof. Music Academy, Ljubljana


Extraordinary pedagogue with enormous knowledge and above all with an effective approach. Bravo, Marina! You really HELP discovering the hidden potential.

Lovorka Nemeš Dular, pianist, Ljubljana


Knowledge, great energy and pedagogical passion. All this is not enough to give her a piano class at the Music Academy?

Sven Lašič, musician, Ljubljana  


This is a wonderful interview and a great approach to teaching music.
Ricardo Averbach, conductor (Brazil-USA)


Thank you for this contribution.  I wish there were many more mentors like of this kind in the world!

Barbara Požar, translator German language, Maribor