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On Saturday April 7th 2018 Marina left the earthly dimensions. In silence she remains connected alive forever with everybody.

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January 5th

Academy of Music, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Hommage to professor emerita Hilda Horak

In the subscription series of the academy jubilee year concerts students of Marina's chamber music class performed Rahmaninov - Trio elegiac, Genzmer - Sonatina for double bass and piano, Dvorak – Gipsy melodies and Bartok – Contrasts


January 8th

Conservatory „Emil Komel", Gorizia, Italy
Marina conducted a whole-day semiar. In the morning she gave a lecture for pedagogoues on various modern, pshycologically founded approaches to teaching music, whereas the afternoon was dedicated to two workshops (for the youngest and for intermediate level) and to practical work in a group situation.


January 14th

Cultural centre, Slovenjgradec, Slovenia

In this town with a great music tradition - the birthplace of composer Hugo Wolf - Marina gave the upbeat to the celebrations of Chopin's 200th anniversary with a program of Nocturnes, Mazurkas, Preludes, Polonaise op. 26, Barcarolle op. 60 and Fantaisie op. 49


January 27th
Duquesne University, Pittsburgh PA, USA
Marina held a master-class (presented jointly with Carnegie Mellon University). Pianist Becky Billock, doctor in performance, spontaneously asked Marina back for recital and master-class at her studio in 2011.

Prof. Keneth Burky, Chair of the Piano Department at Duquesne University, wrote: »I had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Horak for a two-hour Piano Master-class.... Four students performed for Ms. Horak, after which she gave in-depth insights into the music performed. Her ideas were superb and all the students left with a different perspective on how to fell the music. Her teaching manner is delightful and put the students at ease. She has the unique ability to get the students to think and interpret the music with their mind and soul. I certainly hope that we can have Marina Horak return to our campus to give another master-class and possibly a recital. Her love of teaching and performing are a gift which I hope she will continue to share to the students of the world for years to come.«


February 3rd
Public Library, Middletown NJ, USA
Marina has been for the third time a guest of  the concert series presented by Monmouth Conservatory, Red Bank NJ, performing Schubert's sonata op. 42, Chopin's Preludes op. 28 & Fantaisie op. 49. Organizer Kathleen Ligon wrote: »I hope your California concert is as wonderful as the one in Middletown - we are so fortunate to be able to host your concerts ...«

February 13th
Grace Presbyterian Church, Walnut Creek CA, USA
In a concert presented by Mount Diablo Music Education Foundation and offered by Marina as benefit event for the preservation of music in schools, she played Schubert and Chopin.

February 14th

Senavsky Piano Studio, Clayton CA, USA
In a master-class for students from Diablo Valley Community Collegeand others enjoyed Marina's teaching. The organiozer's press release states: »Feedback from performers indicates that her aporoach has much merit. Marina understands music on a whole different level. What she can do with a piece is simply magical.«

February 19th-20th
Sakabe Piano Studio,  Davis CA, USA
After the introductory recital Romantic evening with Schubert & Chopin Marina offers an evening master-class for piano teachers, to be followed next day by a workshop for the youngest (a group aged 6 to 8) and two master-classes for intermediate and advanced level students.

Comments by participating students:

»I am musically refreshed ... she is hilarious, she makes me want to love the human race as much as she does ... she spent like 30 minutes helping this boy relax because he said he was afraid of performing ... and she just like sat there with him and did breathing exercises and talked to him and he actually slightly overcame his fear of playing in front of people, it was amazing. She's amazing, I love her…« YURIKA MULASE
»She was so happy and chipper and everything ... and she has THE COOLEST metaphors ever.« BEN JIN
»I just had a one-hour talk with her, it was sooo interesting ... She is such a nice, complete human being, you feel so good after talking to her. A person that balanced is so rare to find...« PETER WANG


February 27th-March 28th


Marina was guest professor at the International Piano Centre in Hong Kong.


May  19th

Festival Predihano, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Conductor Steven Loy invites Marina to join the ensemble Neophonia, to play  in a concert of contemporary music  (Tristan Murail, Jonathnan Harvey) in the Great Hall of Slovenian Philharmonic.


June 22nd
Forfest Festival, Kromeriz, Czech Republic

Within the framework of the festival Marina gives a lecture »About performing and pedagogical experiences«


June 23rd

Forfest Festival, Kromeriz, Czech Republic

At this event dedicated to Contemporary Music and Art Marina performs a solo program  of four Slovenian and  four foreign composers (Pahor, Šturm, Matičič, Vulc, Ptaszynska, V. Mokranjac, Ilja Bergh, Sculthorpe).


July 7th

Festival Lent, Maribor

Marina performed together with the soprano Katja Konvalinka in the series Salon of Musical Artists a Schumann evening with lieder by Clara Wieck-Schumann and Robert Schumann. .


August  2nd-19th

Terra Magica Music Festival,  Porec, Croatia

In the first half of the month Marina performs in three concerts (Chopin, Schumann, Matičič) and holds the master workshop The Hidden Potential.


August 26th-31st

World Piano Conference, Novi Sad, Serbia

Marina participates at the Conference with a lecture on her special approach and method. (The Hidden Potential, Dimensions of Performance).


September 4th-15th

»Hopes, talents, masters«, Dobrich-Albena, Bulgaria

In the first half of the month Marina was a jury member at the the International Competition and held master-classes.


September 5th

Dobrich, Bulgaria

As a special guest of the festival, Marina gives a recital at the Mirror Hall in Dobrich, playing Schumann,  Chopin, Matičič and Debussy.


September 19th-25th

Sibelius-Akatemia, Helsinki, Finland

Marina is guest teacher on the Erasmus exchange program, lecturing and giving master-classe at the Sibelius Academy.


November 13th

Kulturforum, Feldkirchen, Austria

Clara and Robert - the eternal longing – a program of lieder by Clara Wieck and Robert Schumann & Kreisleriana for piano solo was performed by Marina together with Austrian soprano Peggy Forma.

November 14th

Kulturhaus Holzapfel, Tachterting, Germany

A repeat performance of the above program.

November 21st

Studio 12 Ljubljana, Slovenia

This internet TV station released the video film on Marina’s summer course in Porec, in English. Links:

Discovering the hidden potential / Part 1

Discovering the hidden potential / Part 2