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On Saturday April 7th 2018 Marina left the earthly dimensions. In silence she remains connected alive forever with everybody.

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Her fresh interpretations convey a deep ineffable symbolism. Marina Horak's distinctive comprehension and feeling for this kind of contemporary music enraptured the audience, as she shared with us her experience of the present time in which thre is much darkness, and yet also much light.

Glasbena mladina, LJUBLJANA, Slovenia


A fine style, evident intelligence and imagination...
The Times, London, England


With acuity  of analytical thought, with a vigorous suggestive power, every phrase a witness of her willpower and her artistic drive, which gave her playing elucidation and of the most beautiful discoveries of this season at the Concert Atelier...
Ljubljanski Dnevnik, Ljubljana, Slovenia


A rare mixture of a lucid penetrating intellect and a passionate spontaneous creative urge...
Der Bund, Bern, Switzerland


An individual style of playing...

Morgunbladir, Reykjavik, Iceland

Lyrical romanticism translated into noble poetry of the keyboard, a "chiaroscuro" shading from vaguely questioning atmospheres to decisive luminous sounds, from tender moments congealed as in wonder to peaks of fine, weary, slightly excited rhythms, from gentle
arpeggios to incisive, aggressive, rhapsodic cavalcades.
Il tempo, Rome, Italy


A refined and experienced virtuosity, a well balanced musicianship...
Le Soir, Brussels, Belgium


Her artistic inquisitiveness and attitude to piano music are noble and precious. Her piano sound is gentle, played by a tender hand, but reveals itself also as technically chiselled and saturated with decisive accents... Marina Horak's performance was full of light and lucidity.
Delo, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Power, intuition and imagination...
Dubrovački vjesnik, Dubrovnik, Croatia


...a mature artist with an urgent need to express herself and with faith in the carrying power of the musical material through which she chooses to express herself. Great impression made the drastic expressiveness of Janacek's In the Mist as well as Bartok's Bagatelles, freed of all classical-romantic conventionalities.
Dagbladet, Oslo, Norway


A sense of style, technical brilliancy and musical finesse...
Grazer Tagblatt, Graz, Austria


Marina Horak is such a first rate musician... whose performance merits our admiration and attention. Not only is her technique quite dazzling, but she can use it intelligently...the tone she draws from the piano can be steely and commanding, or soft, light and plangent. Her phrasing is excellent... The effortless manner in which she tossed off "Feux d'Artifice" left one amazed, and instead of the extrovert display of technique that one is accustomed to, Ms Horak revealed yet again her superb interpretative power and musicianship.
The Daily, Bombay, India


Well-known pieces sounded as new, full of surprises and unexpected turns.
Haagsche Courant, The Hague, Netherands


CREATIVE EXPRESSIVE POWER ... a fascinating mixture of powerful shaping and great sensuality...Her playing represents a fascinating way of bringing forth the structure of motives and an extraordinary sensitivity for tone colours.
Berner Zeitung, Berne, Switzerland


SHE IS IN TOP KEY...certainly the most stimulating and refreshing piano recital of the season...a very firm touch where needed, scale passages played with glittering precision, and a sturdy rhythmic drive right authentic feeling for style.
Waikato Times, Hamilton, New Zealand


MARINA HORAK'S VIRTUOSO exemplary musical talent having achieved a standard, that takes the audience's breath away...a masterly knowledge rarely encountered on the concert platform.
Oltner Tagblatt, Olten, Switzerland


A fabulous technique, a pianist of contrasts...
Baleares, Palma de Mallorca, Spain


BOUNDLESS PIANISTIC STRENGTH...a technique of high rank, with brilliant clarity of fingering and boundless pianistic strength... playing which carries its own personal stamp in relation to the work and to its stylistic character...
Riječki List, Rijeka, Croatia


...ther way to grasp essentials with immediacy and impulsiveness and to tame them with strong artistic willpower, was the fascination of this evening...(Grieg) above the foundation of sonorous bass vibrations the pianist developed a rich range of colours and, with rhythmical originality, made them become moving impulses of austere luminosity, driven by underlying excitement.
Berner Zeitung, Bern, Switzerland


WITH POWER AND INTELLIGENCE...special abilities to make the music speak, to transform figures of notes into sound gestures, to structure complex rhythmical events sensibly...abilities, that make us conclude that here we have that profound musicianship, which reaches far beyond the mere pianistic realisation of the score, while at the same time unconditionally respecting its demands.
Generalanzeiger, Bonn, Germany


Without the least concession, with a grasp of composition structures, without any trace of sentimentality, pianistically eminent and precisely therefore so touching.
Basler Zeitung, Basle, Switzerland


Marina Horak followed relentlessly and rounded up the specific sound worlds of the performed works, showing at the same time the whole wealth of her personal refined musicalty<. The feeling for the threedimensional quality of sound, a sense of control and intensity of touch, an enormous wealth of colors… the score was not only meticulously studied, it was understood as an inspiration for the performer's inventiveness and as an invitation to work out the finest detail and to express her rich inner world.

RTB, III. Program, Beograd, Serbia