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V soboto 7. aprila 2018 se je Marina poslovila iz zemeljskih dimenzij. V tišini ostaja povezana z vsemi za vedno.

čudovita izjava študentke


Rizwana Osman iz Južne Afrike, doktorantka na Pedagoški fakulteti, Univerza v Ljubljani 2012-13, je zapisala (v angleškem originalu):

This letter is long overdue, but as soon as I was able to write it, I sat down and wrote it. - LONG OVERDUE - no, as Marina taught - she helped me go to the threshold of my mind, it came at the just the right moment, when I felt ready to write it, and  - I found myself able to write the letter.

And that sums up perfectly the impact that Marina had on my life.  I came to her late in 2012 for piano lessons, and what I failed to realize at that time, was that she would help me in so many more dimensions, some of which I could never have dreamed about.

Marina helped me personally overcome obstacles that I was visibly impaired against, and she helped me establish  skills of self insight, perseverance, and acceptance.  She assisted me in dealing with various items that required a personal and emotional insight, and managed to connect these to the piano.  She also helped me learn to express my self through the piano, to relax and channel myself through the music.  In addition, she helped me improve my playing techniques, breathing and I found that her teaching guidelines were extremely accurate according to the theories, which I had majored in as a teacher, and were extremely effective as learning mechanisms.  

In conclusion, some people believe in chance, but I dont believe that it was by chance that I was given the privilege to have been under her tutorship for 9 months.  She impacted on my life in such an invaluable way, that I feel forever indebted to her.  I would like to use a quote by Khalil Gibran that a teacher who is wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind, and that is precisely what Marina did.