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V soboto 7. aprila 2018 se je Marina poslovila iz zemeljskih dimenzij. V tišini ostaja povezana z vsemi za vedno.

2016 - review of the CD "Jurij Mihevec"


Tomaž Gržeta wrote the review for the CD Jurij Mihevec in "Odzven" (digital publication of SIGIC-Slovenian Music Information Centre) 2016: 
Marina Horak, a connoisseur of the most hidden alcoves of pianistic repertoire, has a special interest in discovering and reviving rarities and presenting them as musical delicacies. She first reached for Mihevec's works in 2008…On the concert stage his works were finally revived by Marina Horak.  With this CD recording a portion of Mihevec's interesting and extremely virtuoso piano output has been eternalized, and with it also the unrepeatable brilliance, lightness and stylistic refinement of Marina Horak's pianism.