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2016 December - celebrating composer Janez Matičič at his 90th birthday



December 3rd 2016 at 5 pm 

Glasbena matica (the oldest Slovenian Music Society)

Lajovic Hall Ljubljana

Marina Horak & Lovorka Nemeš  Dular, piano

The second in a series of three concerts dedicated to composer Janez Matičič, who celebrated his 90th birthday this year. In joint recital the pianists presented nearly 60 years of Matičič’s creativity (1947-2006) framing it with French four-hand music (Claude Debussy: Six épigraphes antiques & Maurice Ravel: Ma mère l’oye).

 By Janez Matičič were programmed piano solo compositions: Three etudes from series A (1958), Three Etudes op. 66 (1988-2006), Passacaglia (1947), Soave from Sonata nr. 4 op. 65, Sonata (1960), Toccata (1951) and Palpitations (1971).