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On Saturday April 7th 2018 Marina left the earthly dimensions. In silence she remains connected alive forever with everybody.


During the early Eighties, Marina encountered in London three personalities who transformed her outlook on the role of music in our lives and above all the her approach to teaching music and piano.


The pianist, composer and pedagogue Peter Feuchtwanger, whose motto is "I do not teach piano, I teach people", made her realize that external results "at all costs" should not be a teacher's principal motive. Rather, his principal concern ought to be the pupil as a whole being. Alongside with teaching a physiological and functional use of the body (relaxed and easy technique) we should facilitate the knowledge of self and enable the pupil to link his own life's contents and experiences with music (genuine individual expression).


Eloise Ristad, the late American pedagogue and author of the book "The Soprano on Her Head" taught her how to use unorthodox and playful approaches which lead to releasing blockages and uncovering our hidden qualities, which slumber in the unconscious.


Hilmar Schonauer, healer, teacher of meditation and author of workshops "Getting to Know Ourselves"  with whom Marina worked for 20 years, helped her to deepen her knowledge of self, and to acquire skills connected with the human capabilities and the energetic make-up. This in turn enabled her to develop her own "method" based on the holistic understanding of our psycho-physical organism and - connected with it - the effective functioning of life energy.


The core of her workshops, seminars (and of course individual lessons) is always the same in its fundamental outlook / direction.  All of them strive to offer experimental situations and provide a safe space in which participants can - while playing - get in touch with their feelings, thoughts and sensations, and by means of emotional responses and reactions as well as intuitive imagery gain new insights. However the focus of the work proposed for individual workshops varies in its guise: The Adventure of Interpretation, Integration-Inspiration, The Hidden Potential, Music: the inner dialogue ... (see proposals).