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On Saturday April 7th 2018 Marina left the earthly dimensions. In silence she remains connected alive forever with everybody.

the adventure of interpretation

The body as our first instrument

Psycho-physical contacts

Ability to transmute continuously



This workshop will help us experience music more deeply and express it more freely. We shall go on "expeditions into unknown lands" of music, using for compass our imagination and inventiveness. This courage to experiment will tap into deeper sources of inspiration.


Instead of solving musical problems by dull instructions like "louder-softer", "faster-slower", "wrong-right", we shall express spontaneously, using established symbols: colour and sound, shapes and numbers, elements and seasons, metals and precious stones as well as fairy tales and own stories, dreams and inner images.


Often we let others determine the path and we lose the sense of our own resources. Reclaiming them, the so called problems will have less chance to disturb our excitement and joy in the flowing, ever-changing process of learning.


Work will consist of awareness exercises concerning:




"Our body has its own "intelligence", independent of the intellect, which can help us improve the technique": sensing the body, its elasticity and weight; guided breathing as a source of strength and relaxation.




"Mistakes, if looked at closely, without judgement, become friends from whom we learn": thought energy instead of muscular effort , imaging and picturing, mental impulses and genuine power.




"We can play a drawing, paint a sound, give sound to movement, dance an emotion": tension and intention, exploring the unknown and use of symbols, resistance and a sense of self-reliance.




"We can smell, taste, touch the sounds - we can hear flowers, trees, the earth, the sea": sensitivity to sound, experimenting with sound substance, inner hearing and our uniqueness.


Musical expression is part of life experience. As we discover how we feel, how the sound vibrates within us, we need not become bored with repetitions necessary in studying and be rigid in our fixation onto a result determined in advance.