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On Saturday April 7th 2018 Marina left the earthly dimensions. In silence she remains connected alive forever with everybody.

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The simplicity of the outward and the spiritual dimension of the inward personality are words, which would describe with the outmost accuracy the impression made by Marina Horak. Already after a few minutes' conversation, we were aware that before us is not a person whom we shall identify by the color of her eyes or hair, by how tall or how old she is, because all these experiences fade completely allowing room for the enormous power of her spirit, which opens up new spaces for us, both in terms of pianism and pedagogy, as well as life in general. And it is precisely from this great mental energy, which this exceptional artist uses, thereby overcoming the "physical" dimension, that springs forth the suggestiveness of her interpretation and the ease of her performance, making available to listeners of all different levels of musical education a palette of a great variety of identifiable feelings and thus offering them music as the universal essence of life.
Borjana Pantelić Skladany, pianist and Goran Troha, concert organizer, Artel Society, Rijeka, Croatia


Exceptional qualities of a complete musician, as much in terms of pianistic technique as in terms of analysis and interpretation. A sensitive and intelligent pianist with great talent.

Janez Matičič, composer, Paris, France


Marina Horak is an excellent pianist. It was playing of immense colour and fire yet always in perfect control.

Peter Platt, Professor of Music, University of Sydney, Australia


This recital was one of the most moving experiences I have had for a long time and it will remain unforgettable for everyone who was present.

Peter Feuchtwanger, pianist and composer, London, Great Britain


I wished to listen to your playing, but in actual fact I am listening to the composers. Already in Škerjanc it was clear to me that you are doing this in an excellent way, with great understanding, with a large palette of touch, and, most importantly, you breathe with the music you play. In all fours sonatas the act of interpretation is irreproachable, there is nothing ambiguous about it. On the contrary, everything is convincing and gives the impression that it is neither possible nor necessary to do it differently.

Rajko Maksimović, composer, Belgrade, Serbia 


I have known Marina Horak for a very long time, both as a performer and a pedagogue. Particularly her interpretations of Chopin's works made every time anew a deep impression on me, and gave the feeling: this is how these works should be played - and no other way. As a pedagogue she is known to me partly through performances of her pupils and partly because of her help as co-mentor at the Hochschule. Hardly anybody is capable of such correct and precise judgement as M. Horak. Her language with its wealth of nuances and her musical knowledge, expert down to the last detail, make her evaluation highly competent.

Franz Massinger, Professor of Piano, head of piano department, Staatliche Hochschule für Musik, München, Germany


I have personally attended seminars given by Prof. Marina Horak, and my students have often been participants at her seminars. Her interesting, personal and imaginative methods - scientifically well-founded - and her approach to problems with the achieved results made me enthusiastic. This is a scholarly, thoughtful work, which in a fantastic ways uses methods of relaxation, meditation and concentration at the piano, and does not exist in our parts of the world. I whole-heartedly recommend her work and wish to emphasize the fact that she greatly helped my students.

Sretna Meštrović, Professor of Piano, Music Academy Zagreb, Croatia


She showed profound knowledge of the repertoire, extraordinary gifts for sizing up immediately the widely various technical and interpretative problems experienced by students, for knowing how to remedy these problems and for explaining both problem and remedy with the utmost clarity.

Peter Platt, Professor of Music, head of music department, Sydney University, Australia


Every contemporary composer will be grateful when his music obtains its sounding shape under the fingers of Marina Horak. It is my conviction that it is rare to encounter a pianist with such a differentiated style of playing. In Marina Horak’s playing, the instrument becomes an orchestral phenomenon.

Ilja Bergh, composer and pianist, Copenhagen, Denmark


She was a master of that difficult tightrope walk between effect and sense, and between self-realisation and presentation of the work. Her incredible control of tone and the logical shaping of agogics serve to characterize precisely the contents and its implications, and use the registers of her instrument to the advantage of the composition itself in order to show its intrinsic meaning. The consequence and unity of her „tuning in“ bear witness to her substantial and yet unobtrusive breeding of soul and spirit, which can hardly find its match among the great stars of the concert stage.

Radovan Lorković, violinist and music critic, Basel, Switzerland


I would like to express in writing my deep impression of her extraordinary talent, her genuine musicianship, her musical-spiritual maturity and her, despite impetuosity, at all times controlled expressive ability.

Dr. Willi Schuh, music critic of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Zürich, Switzerland


What is both striking and gripping in Marina Horak's recordings is the fact that her interpretations give such an impression of unity with the compositional substance and the message of each individual work and create such a sense of authenticity that individual characteristics of her phenomenal playing - such as virtuosity and tonal finesse – retreat into the background as a matter of course. Excellent!

David de Villiers, chief conductor of the Symphony Orchestra of RTV Slovenia


An individual and brilliant performing ability which implies setting high standards.  

Hephzibah Menuhin, pianist, London, Great Britain


Marina Horak has a beautiful technique, passion and authority.

Olivier Messiaen, composer, Paris


Among excellent instrumentalists there is only a small number of musicians „de grande classe“ and Marina Horak is one of these rare examples. She possesses a profound musical culture, an intelligence, a sensitivity and a personality which are all quite exceptional.

Livia Rèv, pianist, Paris, France