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On Saturday April 7th 2018 Marina left the earthly dimensions. In silence she remains connected alive forever with everybody.

integration - inspiration

MOTTO: Integration - inspiration





Developing the sense of inner flexibility as a basis for relaxation, elasticity and efficacy of technical gestures, as we experience them in the interface between physical and mental impulses.


Breathing and relaxation exercises, which help us to get an experiential knowledge of own energetic make-up and functioning.


Integrating of body movements with the sound of the instrument - this unity becomes the carrier of the expression, guided by the physical intelligence and inner hearing.


Subtle listening and distinguishing the different layers of musical structures - metrical pulse, rhythmical variety, melodic "sky-line", harmonic framework.


Creating inner images from the depth of imagination, collectively and individually, as a source of inspiration.


Contact points between personal contents, musical structures and micro-elements of the sound substance.


Activating parallel capabilities - spontaneous painting and drawing, expression through movement (dance, mime) as an enrichment of musical expressiveness.


Intuitive work with established symbols of the physical and subtle world that surrounds us.


Immediate contact with concealed layers of feeling awareness, helping us to find our own unique meaning in each composition.


Non-repeatability - accepting personal responses to musical contents  and experiencing them as continuously changeable, always alive, never boring, which makes the music at all times a true expression of our life experience and an intimate personal account.