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On Saturday April 7th 2018 Marina left the earthly dimensions. In silence she remains connected alive forever with everybody.

hidden potential

Getting to know ourselves in and through music

Uncovering deeper abilities

Finding the hidden treasure within



This workshop will help us realise that the most creative part of our self is still concealed, that inside you us there is a treasure of innate knowledge waiting to be uncovered if we are prepared to remove some layers: received "truths", fixed ideas, axioms, clichés, which are holding us back, making new learning difficult. Sometimes hours of practising are lost, battling against old patterns, resulting in frustration rather than progress. Sensations and emotions like fear, uncertainty, tension, slowness, weakness etc. will lose their power if we look at them without judgement and distil from them positive aspects.


We can change the attitude towards our work and towards our selves. By tuning into our qualities, sometimes just a different word, gesture, breath or a new connection will refocus our thoughts and we shall find our best inner "point of contact" with the sound we are making and with the meaning of music. We shall free our talent and open the path for our natural expression.


Work will consist of special exercises and of playing the repertoire while drawing on the new experiences gained from the exercises for the benefit of interpretation.





We learn to avoid restrictive orders like "You should! You must not!" and to replace them with questions like "How do you feel? What does this sound, gesture, image mean to you?" in order to generate a feeling of freedom on a deeper  level.





We enable ourselves to sense our body as transmitter of mental impulses, to feel its elasticity and weight, to develop a kinaesthetic way of guiding our movements and breath, to deploy energy.





We experience circuits like "space-time-sound", "feel-breathe-move-play", "thought-breath-energy-direction"  to integrate different levels of knowledge within us: physical, emotional and mental.





We intensify feelings and moods by meditation, by working with symbols, with personal imagery in order to feel that music making is an intimate creative process connected to life experience of each single person.