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On Saturday April 7th 2018 Marina left the earthly dimensions. In silence she remains connected alive forever with everybody.



On September 9th 2014 Marina Horak gave a piano recital at the 8th EPIDAURUS-FESTIVAL in CAVTAT, CROATIA. Follows the review of the event:

September 9th was the day to remember for its threefold enjoyment at the Epidaurus festival. When today (Sept. 10th) we gathered in the company of Catalan, Brazilian, Italian, Croatian and Slovenian artists to savour a cake named Threefold Enjoyment, little did we think that this is going to remind us of yesterday's event.

The evening was opened by the expert lecturer Prof. Tihomir Petrović from Zagreb with his inspired and always instructive lecture. Prof. Petrović waxes enthousiastic about music with such fire, both in Croatian and in English, that – quite apart from the value of explanations about the Beatles – anyone would fall in love with music, even those who do not feel close to it yet.

Then followed the opening of the exhibition with homeland character, of local artist Luce Đuraš from Konavle and who lives in Dubrovnik. So our souls were nourished by words, beautiful thoughts, our eyes filled with wonderful colours of our climate, with motifs of flowers and playful Konavle people dancing in their rich national costumes.

To finish the evening came the third enjoyment – it was music presented knowingly, aesthetically, in a cultured and well reflected manner. We are speaking of the piano recital by Marina Horak from Ljubljana, professor at the Academy of Music. She represents the phenomenon of the true symbiosis between the soul thought and activity of the hands, which for a whole life span have not only been playing the piano but have lived and experienced it in the full sense of the word.

Without unnecessary gestures Marina Horak moves carefully like the most skillful cat – her long and studious work throughout many years, or perhaps even before that, results in her melding with any piano put in front of her and becoming one single body and soul with the instrument  – so they can confide their mutual secrets ceaslessly and without reserve. Her forte is healthy, her piano beautiful, and in-between there is an additional spectrum of beautifully arrayed colours. And so the recital of Ms. Horak was a true excursion into the mystery of small, graceful, thought-out phrases and a treasure chest full of secrets she loves to share, maximally enjoying in the whole process: often with a smile, exuberant – yet also completely serious.

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